Bali Accommodation Villas: Best Bali Rentals

Bali holidays are known to be both fun and exciting. While there are plenty of things to see and do in Bali, the tropical setting is the most popular reason why people come to visit. A private Bali villa accommodation will make your holiday an even more pleasant experience as you get to have a whole residence exclusively for you and your guests. If you want the most luxurious Bali accommodation villas for your stay, here are some recommendations.

Villa Adenium

villa accommodation in Bali villa accommodation in Bali two villa accommodation in Bali three This villa accommodation in Bali is as luxurious as can be and offers a peaceful and secure home away from home. Without a doubt, the villa is modern and boasts some of the best amenities of the island. However, tropical influences are used to soften the straight planes of the architecture and to ensure that the overall environment suits the laidback setting of the property. Villa Adenium never fails to impress with its classy interiors, relaxing outdoors, and fantastic sunset views that guests can enjoy while here. The essence of the island is never lost at Villa Adenium. The pool area is huge and is semi shaded by tropical trees. There are a number of lounge chairs near the deck, while a Balinese style lounge is only a few steps away. The swimming pool is without a doubt one of the most loved spots at the villa accommodation in Bali. While swimming, not only will you be able to enjoy the inviting island weather, but also the very relaxing scenery. The architecture used for Villa Adenium makes it a standout among island residences as it beautifully combines sharp lines with softer concepts. Also, there are a number of glass doors that double as windows that allow the outdoors to be experienced even while inside the villa. The living room is a dream, with neutral colored sofas and abstract paintings on the wall. This part of the house has its own entertainment center and is a good space to have a great time with the other guests. A typical villa accommodation in Bali is usually known for its opulent bedrooms. Here, the bedrooms are grand yes, but in a laidback kind of way. The beds are covered with luxurious fabrics and the views will make you smile as you wake up in the morning. The bathrooms are also designed to impress and are never short of space.

Chalina Estate

accommodation.-Bali-villas accommodation.-Bali-villas-two When on a holiday, the first thing you should think about is your accommodation. Bali villas are very popular because they give the best holiday experience and most local villas match the services offered by local hotels and resorts. This lovely tropical retreat showcases satisfying views of the rice fields found in Canggu. Just merely 5 minutes away from the beach, the property is a romantic holiday haven that will make your Bali vacation very memorable. The gorgeous location of Chalina Estate makes it a top choice for a wedding venue. With a well kempt garden and rich landscapes, plus a picturesque rice fields backdrop, here your big day will be something that you will tremendously enjoy. The place is manned by security guards so you can be sure that your holiday will be problem free. The staffs are friendly and there’s a chef onsite that will prepare many amazing meals for you. At the Villa, you can enjoy the ultimate Bali lifestyle and be one with nature. Here, privacy can be yours and you can spend your stay on the island just the way you like it. Chalina Estate can also be chosen for all kinds of gatherings such as class reunions, corporate events, and birthdays.

Villa Alamanda

Ubud. A Bali accommodation villa Ubud. A Bali accommodation villa two Ubud. A Bali accommodation villa three Among the most relaxing spots in Bali is Ubud. A Bali accommodation villa that can be found here is Villa Alamanda. This is the ideal haven for guests who love a villa set at an exotic setting with plenty of wild plants and picturesque views. The structure is nestled amidst dense greenery, so it is the perfect romantic hideaway especially for newlyweds. However, because of its size, it is also popular as a family villa. First time visitors that are planning to go on a sightseeing tour will not find a more suitable accommodation. From the world famous rice fields of Tegallalang, to the Elephant Cave, and the Tirta Girtu Water Temple, all the island’s notable attractions are easily with reach. Villa Alamanda is also a fusion type villa. There are plenty of natural elements that are made part of the design. At the same time, the structure and the amenities used are very contemporary. The balance of the traditional and the modern makes Alamanda an amazing place to be in Bali. Ultimate relaxation is something that you can experience while here as you can avail of some spa treatments on site. Whether you need to pamper your tired feet or you want an even more youthful skin, the villa has just the right spa therapy for you to enjoy and benefit from. Among the popular treatments are acupressure and body scrubs. Nail services are also offered here. Among the great things about Villa Alamanda is that it prioritizes the kids. As a children friendly accommodation, here you can be sure that your entire family will be happy while on vacation. The lawn is spacious, so the active younger set have plenty of space to be playful and have fun. The villa also has a game room, a pool area for the kids, and other children stuff. Also, if the kids you are with happen to be hard to please when it comes to food, you can request the chef to whip up some dishes that the little ones will find hard to resist. These Bali accommodation villas are some of the finest on the island. These private Bali villa rentals are more practical choices especially for a large group as they offer more space than what resorts and hotels usually offer. The plus is that they offer better privacy too and allows you to spend your holiday in a way that is most suitable for you.