Bali Villa Deals: Bali Villas You Will Love for Your Holiday

They say that the secret to a memorable and blissful holiday is to find the most comfortable and luxurious accommodation that you can find. Instead of settling for the usual hotel accommodations, you have to be grander when you are in Bali. With plenty of really good Bali villa deals, you can easily be able to have a homey place to stay at a good price. For the best Bali villa accommodation deals, check out these lovely island retreats.

Villa Atas Ombak

Bali villa deals 1 Bali villa deals Bali villa deals 2 When looking for Bali villas, make sure to check if Villa Atas Ombak is available. This is a stunning property and is located right at the beach. Its beachfront setting makes it one of the most coveted accommodations on the island. While the villa is a den of privacy, it is also very accessible and is near some of Bali’s popular establishments. From the key parts of the property, you can easily see the beauty of the bright blue waters of the beach. Just a short stroll from the shoreline, the beach can be enjoyed to the fullest the entire time that you are here. Villa Atas Ombak has a huge private pool and a plunge pool, so there are many ways that you can enjoy the water while on a holiday. The soothing scenery is most conducive for relaxation and will ensure that stress will easily melt away as soon as you enter the property. Like most local homes, Villa Atas Ombak boasts well tended landscapes and a nice garden of tropical plants. The living spaces here are very posh, in a laidback manner. In addition, there are plenty of amenities that will make your vacation comfortable. The villa has an entertainment system as well as a reliable internet connection. Aside from the onsite amenities, guests can also use the amenities of the Canggu Club, since Atas Ombak is a member. Guests have special access to the gym and the spa, as well as all the other facilities at the country club.

Villa Bayu Gita

last minute Bali villa deals 1 last minute Bali villa deals 2 last minute Bali villa deals Villa Bayu Gita should also be considered when looking for last minute Bali villa deals. This lavish home away from home is said to be among the most impressive Bali villas available and is set on the black sandy shore of the exotic Pabean Beach. With 6 bedrooms, this is a good choice for medium size groups and is a more practical option as compared to luxury hotels. From the villa’s entrance, you will be in awe of the beautiful landscaping and the peaceful atmosphere that prevails inside. There are tropical flowers that line the walkways as well as tall palm trees that easily sway with the breeze. Bayu Gita is a luxurious holiday residence that you will surely can’t get enough of. It has its own swimming pool that features mesmerizing views of the beach. There are lounge chairs nearby where you can sit as you bask in the picturesque scenery. Villa Bayu Gita is among the top accommodations that offer the best amenities for its guests. It has a bar and a billiard table. At the same time, it has a state of the art movie room where you can watch your favorite flicks if you prefer to stay insider for a while. Workout fanatics will love to know that the villa also has its own gym that is filled with the latest exercise equipments. Just like any other residence on the island, Bayu Gita features a number of lounge areas that are decorated using fancy island inspired furnishings. Comfortable and stylish, these living spaces will make any holiday truly blissful and relaxing. Views of the ocean that can be observed from the property will surely take your breath away. The romantic setting even makes this holiday retreat a top choice for a wedding venue. When it comes to the service, only good things can be said about Bayu Gita. The staffs are professional and are trained to be able to address your concerns immediately and effectively.

Villa Bayuh Sabbah

Bali villa deals 1 Bali villa deals Famous for its 180o sea views, this villa is a den of comfort and luxury and is certainly one of the venues that are a perfect fit for a romantic island wedding. The 5-bedroom villa complex is a merging of modern comforts and amazing water and garden views, allowing you to have the best experience of Bali. Everything is so peaceful here, which is why this is a suitable holiday home for guests who have had enough of the typical noisy city lifestyle. At this part of the island, time flows much slower and you can totally immerse yourself in the beauty of elements. The villa grounds showcase an intricate landscape and a multitude of greenery that complements the tranquil views of the water. Bayuh Sabbah also has a swimming pool where guests can bask in the tropical ambience. Of course, there are indoor and outdoor entertainment areas as well. All the modern amenities that you usually get from fancy hotels and resorts are all here. There is an internet connection, phones, and entertainment systems that you can use. Also, the key indoor living spaces are air conditioned and are furnished to perfection. Bayuh Sabbah is also a great venue for all kinds of events---be it a family function or a corporate event. The villa’s layout and relaxing atmosphere make it a top pick for corporate gatherings where the employees could use some means to unwind and forget about work for a while. Different meals can be prepared on site and if you have special dining requests, they can be managed by the in-house chef. Whether you prefer a laidback BBQ themed party or a more formal event is what you prefer, you can have it here. When it comes to Bali villa deals, you can’t go wrong with any of these holiday retreats. Their rates vary per season and if you can time your vacation well, you may actually book one of these Bali holiday villas for a really good price.