Bali Villas for Rent: Find Your Perfect Holiday Home

Sunshine and the sea are two of the things that are associated with Bali. This lovely island in Asia manages to lure tourists from different parts of the world to visit because it has so much to offer. From its enriching culture to its camera-worthy scenery, it’s no wonder why it is considered one of the top must see places in the world. Bali villas for rent provide guests more options when it comes to accommodations. Any of these villas could be IT for you. Check them out.

Villa Adenium

Bali villas for rent Villa Adenium private Bali villas for rent This Bali villa for rent is only a short stroll away from Jimbaran. Located in Temple Hill Upper II, this has  a relaxing scenery and has 4 air conditioned bedrooms. This is among the classiest private Bali villas for rent and makes any vacation something to remember. Villa Adenium promises an atmosphere of comfort and beauty. You will definitely love every bit of your stay here. The pool area is spacious and is surrounded by a lot of tropical plants, providing shade and an abundance of fresh air. You can take a plunge at the swimming pool or work on your tan as you lie on one of the sun beds. The villa also features a number of cozy outdoor lounge areas that feature unique native furnishings that complement the island setting of the property. Views of the sky and the sea will leave you in awe as they grace most parts of the villa. You will be rewarded with amazing scenery whether you are in one of the bedrooms or at the bale. Sunsets are also some of the things you can look forward to while here. The golden tinge that envelope the surroundings before night time is truly breathtaking. The living area is spacious and is a good bonding space no matter what time of the day. It has cushy chairs and is decorated with nice Balinese accents. The indoor dining room is very charming and has wooden floors, glass doors and an elegant dining table. Here you can enjoy dining with family and friends and be able to admire the views at the same time. As can be expected from the best villas in bali for rent, the service here is very good and the amenities are all modern.

Villa Atacaya

Villa Atacaya villa for rent in Bali Another villa for rent in Bali that is worth checking is Villa Atacaya. This is a good choice if you want to immerse yourself in Balinese culture. The villa is set near the village of Beraban where traditional Balinese lifestyle still prevails. Villa Atacaya was designed to be modern but laidback. The jungle like setting is truly very relaxing and offers seclusion unlike any other. At the property, you can find all kinds of tropical plants---from banana trees, bamboo, coconut trees, to other plants that are native to Bali.  There is greenery here and there which is why even when the weather is warm, guests can still enjoy ample amount of shade and fresh air. Not only is Villa Atacaya a popular family venue. Its romantic location makes it an in-demand wedding villa and a honeymoon nest for newlyweds. With 5 bedrooms, Atacaya is perfect for 10 people and can be rented with another villa for more space and added flexibility. Here guests can enjoy one of a kind service while on a holiday and be able to use a handful of modern amenities. From the well appointed bedrooms, luxurious baths, to its spacious living areas, you will love every inch of space this property provides. Among the services that can be availed here are spa treatments such as massages, facials, and body scrubs. You may try one of these of you feel like getting pampered after a long day.

Villa Asta

Villa Asta For those who want a grander vacation feel, you definitely should try villas for rent. Bali is a home to some of the best holiday rentals in Asia. This is why many travelers who visit often choose to rent one of these private homes than stay at a hotel. This is among the Bali villas for rent near Seminyak, making it highly favorable for tourists who are visiting the island for the first time. Villa Asta boasts 5 lavish bedrooms and is only a short distance away from the Batubelig Beach. At the property, privacy and seclusion can be yours. The space features a nice garden, so there are lots of trees and plants everywhere. There’s also a private pool for all day swimming. This means that you won’t have to get out of the property to enjoy an invigorating swim, unless you specifically want to head to the beach. Villa Asta features plenty of lounge spaces both indoor and outdoor and as one of the best private Bali villas for rent, you can expect these lounge areas to be extremely comfortable. A lot of work has been dedicated in designing and decorating this island retreat and the result is a stunning Balinese haven that families will love. There is a bar onsite, as well as a nice cozy living room with plenty of bright colored accents. The bedrooms are amazing. They are simply decorated but they all resonate with understated luxury as can be seen in the bed, the richness of the wood used, and the tasteful accents and furnishings used. Of course, even the bathrooms are luxurious as can be. Dining at the villa is a lot of fun as there is a chef who can cook a variety of Asian and Western favorites. Even grill-themed meals can be prepared here if you prefer BBQ style dishes while on a holiday. The smart layout of Villa Asta also makes it a good candidate for a wedding venue. Here you can have a romantic celebration and your guests can all be comfortable since there is enough space for everyone. Bali villas for rent should be among your options when picking out the best place to stay in Bali.