Rent Bali Villas in Seminyak

Seminyak remains to be Bali’s most popular areas. This is the center of commerce and is a tourist magnet because of its many attractions. Here you can find some of the best shops where you can buy some colorful local fabrics and jewelry. In addition, some of the island’s hottest bars and high end shopping boutiques are all here. The finest restaurants and the trendiest bars, as well as some of the island’s eclectic shops, are in this popular part of Bali. Among the popular accommodations here are Bali villas. Seminyak is a home to a number of the most impressive holiday homes on the island.

Villa Jajaliluna

Bali villas in Seminyak Bali villas. Seminyak Villa Jajaliluna Among the Bali villas in Seminyak that are worth booking is Villa Jajaliluna. This has 4 bedrooms that can be found behind solid walls at the heart of Seminyak. Tall coconut trees, exotic tropical plants, and remarkable Balinese architecture can be experienced while here. Because of its proximity to the beach, it is one of the best Bali Seminyak villas for people who came to the island to experience the ultimate beach lifestyle. Because it is very near Jalan Laksmana, this villa is also mighty popular among food lovers since some of the outstanding local restaurants are all here. Whether you are craving for some local food, some Japanese, or Italian cuisine, you palate can have what it wants while here. At Villa Jajaliluna, no one will be short of space. From its huge swimming pool, to its vast garden, to its open living area---all the spaces are generous and comfortable. The pool is situated at the center of the villa complex and can be easily accessed no matter where you are at the property. The views from here are simply breathtaking and will instantly soothe and put you at ease. Symmetry plays a huge part in giving Villa Jajaliluna its distinct look. The property is a product of a well thought out concept that resulted in one of the most gorgeous and stately villas in Seminyak Bali. The color schemes are kept soft and delicate so there are plenty of tans, creams, ivory, and beige to complement the bright colors of the water and the beautiful greenery.

Eshara II

Bali villa in Seminyak Eshara II Another Bali villa in Seminyak that you can consider for your family break is Eshara II. This has 2 bedrooms and is situated at the quiet and peaceful part of Seminyak that is parallel to the so-called Eat Street and Petitenget Beach. This is a single level structure and offers a one of a kind holiday experience for guests who are seeking some privacy and would want to be spoiled with stylish living spaces and great services. Eshara II is recommended for 4 people and is the ultimate Bali family haven you don’t want to miss. The swimming pool is one of Eshara II’s main features. This is a generous sized swimming area with a nicely furnished wooden deck and an adjacent lounge that features modern furnishings. The property’s garden neutralizes the heat and provides some shade and a good amount of cooling fresh air.     Easily one of the best things to love about Eshara II is its tropical inspired interiors. Because the layout is open, it nicely goes well with the warm setting and allows the interiors to have a good dose of bright daylight. The living area is charming and has a Bali inspired seating area. Native furnishings and prints are also incorporated in the design as accents. The dining table is also housed at the living area and features woven seats. There is a specially designed kitchen with state of the art kitchen appliances as well. The bedrooms are gorgeous, as what can be expected from Bali villas for rent in Seminyak. The beds are extremely comfortable, with elegant wooden frames, complementary side tables, and a TV. Every room also has a furnished balcony that leads to the pool. The bathrooms showcase plenty of natural materials for the construction and for the design.

Villa Adasa

Villa Adasa For first timers who are looking for prime accommodations, you won’t go wrong with Seminyak villas. Bali’s most popular beach town is a magnet for a number of travelers because this is where all the action is. The trendiest bars and classiest fashion boutiques are here. Also, this is a good place to source for local crafts and souvenirs that you can take with you home. One of the Seminyak Bali villas that you might want to check is Villa Adasa. This property looks like a dream, with its idyllic tropical setting and unique design that expertly merges a modern structure with traditional materials. This gorgeous Bali villa is all about life’s simple pleasures and it would be very hard not to fall in love with the good show of aesthetics that one can observe on every corner of Villa Adasa. Beautifully accented with dense tropical plants, the three-bedroom complex was designed to impress. It has a private swimming pool and a well maintained lawn that create the soothing mood for the outdoors. There’s also a bar where you can enjoy some light snacks and refreshments while you chat with other guests. The cozy bale is accented with cushy pillows covered in native fabrics. The interiors of Villa Adasa make good use of locally sourced materials to bring about a cozy environment that everyone will enjoy. Woven chairs and solid wooden cabinets and décor provide soft visual impact that is very pleasing to the eyes. No detail is overdone and there is a prevailing sense of balance that can be seen in all the living spaces. The bedrooms are simplistic, with a touch of class. With sliding doors that lead to the pool, these private rooms are decorated to suit modern tastes and are furnished for maximum comfort. The bathrooms provide enough space and great views too, to make bath times more fun for you. Seminyak Bali villas have proven to be satisfactory choices when it comes to accommodations. All these featured villas are in Seminyak, combining accessibility and a magical setting.