Best Bali Villas That You Can Choose For Your Stay

In Bali, you can have a dreamlike island holiday with your favorite people and be able to spend some time luxuriating in the vibrant weather of the tropics. Whether you are a seasoned surfer, a beach fanatic, or you simply need to unwind, Bali is a friendly destination that has plenty of sights and happenings to offer you and your chosen company. The best Bali villas are really good choices for folks who want to be all out on their Bali vacation. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to splurge while here and treating yourself to a more special holiday. These are the best villas in Bali that you can pick for your stay.

Villa Aiko

best villas in Bali Villa Aiko best villas Bali For those who would want to escape their busy life and stay somewhere far and exotic, one of the best villas Bali has to offer is Villa Aiko. A fusion type villa with a relaxing tropical garden, here you can spend some time in a paradise like setting and feel your stress melt away little by little. Situated on a hill, this haven showcases beautiful panoramas and allows you to be swept away by the allure and beauty of the tropical surroundings. The garden of Villa Aiko is well maintained and has variety. Besides the landscaped portion near the pool, the plants are placed in some sort of random fashion, creating a more charming natural vibe that is very hard to resist. The pool area is a good spot to feel the heat and indulge in the company of family and friends. There are plenty of lounge chairs where you could relax as you take in the inviting scenery. After a swim, you can also try some of the villa’s healing spa treatments. You can get a back massage or you can pamper your feet with an invigorating foot spa. Villa Aiko is the best villa in Bali especially for those who want to be able to do a lot on their stay in Bali. The villa is near some of Bali’s hottest attractions and while here you can do a variety of activities like sightseeing, paragliding, taking ceramics classes, as well as dining and shopping in Seminyak. You can also treat yourself to some fragrant pampering at Bamboo Spa by L’Occitane that is in Jimbaran. If you are looking for Bali villas in Seminyak, please check this property.

Chalina Estate

best villa in Bali Chalina Estate best villa in Bali 1 With the best views of the rice fields and its proximity to the beach, Chalina Estate is without a doubt an easy candidate for the best villa in Bali. Located in the Pererenan Village in Canggu, this is a modern hideaway meant for guests with very high expectations and demands when it comes to accommodations. Its rural setting makes it a true magnet for people who are looking for some peace and quiet and want to avoid the thick crowd for a while. Despite its secluded location, the villa provides enough accessibility quite close to Bali’s most popular attractions like the very famous Echo Beach. The classy interiors of Chalina Estate are so impressive, you are sure to want to extend your holiday and spend as much time here. The living area is very traditional, from the ceiling to the furnishings used. The décor are all traditional, to complement the feel of the surroundings. The hard wood floors provide a neat and fuss free look that makes the living area look homier and luxurious. From the balcony, one can see hundreds of trees and be able to breathe some fresh air. This is a relaxing spot to get your morning coffee or your afternoon tea. The bedrooms are so charming because they each have their own color scheme. Each private space is unique. Neutral colors like browns and whites are combined with bright tones of pink, green, orange, and turquoise for an added punch of color. The villa is suitable for 14 people and has telephones, Wi-Fi, and an entertainment system.

Villa Asmara

best Bali villasVilla Asmara An enchanting home away from home that you can find on the island is Villa Asmara. With 4 bedrooms, this is certainly the best villa in Bali for the whole family. The property has a distinct Asian feel and instantly brings you closer to nature. Here you can enjoy soothing landscapes and contemporary amenities that are at par with those that are being provided by the best hotels and resorts on the island. At Villa Asmara, the comfortable island lifestyle that you are seeking is right in your hands. Thanks to the full team of well trained staffs, your stay here is bound to be absolutely wonderful. The swimming pool is at the heart of the villa complex and is a great spot to luxuriate in the tropical atmosphere. Here there is plenty of sunshine and you can easily work on your tan. You can choose to sit on one of the lounge chairs nearby or settle on the couch in the living room if you are not in the mood to swim. A Buddha is near the pool too, showering the guests with good vibes and pure positivity. With stylish interiors, you’d certainly feel at your best while here. All the furnishings used are inspired by the island and add a homey feel to the living spaces. Elaborate wood carvings are done on the ceiling, which can be considered an art form in itself. Villa Asmara boasts a nice game room that features a billiard table. The villa also has state of the art entertainment systems and a reliable internet connection for easy browsing. While the villa’s design is more traditional, you can be sure that comfort is the first priority here so every inch of living space was designed in a way that guests will feel more pleasant and have a better island experience. The staffs at the villa are well trained and are there to help you have a smooth sailing stay. The chef can cook meals for you, while the manager and the rest of the team are there to attend to your concerns as quickly and as efficiently as possible. In terms of services and amenities, this is truly worthy to be called one of the best Bali villas.