Must Try Bali Holiday Villas

A vacation in Bali can actually be good for you as the tropical ambience can do wonders to recharge your batteries. Your place to stay should be your primary consideration. You can opt for resort accommodations or explore some Bali holiday villas in Seminyak. Among the top reasons while Bali holiday villas are popular is that they are actually more practical and offer more than the usual hotel and resort suites. Here are some examples.

Villa Asta

Holiday villas in Bali holiday Bali villas holiday Bali villas 1 Looking for the finest holiday Bali villas? Villa Asta should be on your list. This is located at the southwestern coast of Bali, near the beach of Batubelig which is half a kilometer away from the property. Villa Asta is a gorgeous island home and is ideal for 10 people since it has 5 bedrooms. There is so much to love about Villa Asta, one of them is its well manicured landscape and beautifully groomed garden that certainly adds to the charm of the place. Upon entering the villa, guests will instantly be enveloped in relaxing surroundings and be able to feel the soothing effects of the natural scenery. No matter what time of the day, the luxurious villa structure and its refined surroundings will take your breath away. Nestled amidst the greenery is the villa’s swimming pool, which is without a doubt everyone’s favorite spot. The refreshing cool water is the perfect contrast to the balmy weather on the island. Just nearby is the outdoor sitting lounge, with its elegant design scheme and neutral colored seats. Here you can just sit back while reading a magazine or enjoy a nice cup of tea while taking in the garden views. Guests will absolutely fall in love with the bedrooms as they are all eclectic in the best way possible. These rooms can be fully opened, thanks to wooden framed doors. The rooms have a touch of elegance as can be seen in the color schemes and decorative pieces used. Holiday villas in Bali often make use of natural materials. The same is true with Villa Asta. The living room used a lot of indigenous materials, from its posts, ceilings, and furnishings. Bali inspired colors like flame orange, bright red, and mustard are also used at some parts of a villa to add some contrast and lively color kick.

Villa Belong Dua

Bali villa. Holidays 1 Bali villa. Holidays Bali villa. Holidays 2 Another option for a really cool island accommodation in Bali is Villa Belong Dua. This is an impressive Bali villa. Holidays will surely be well spent here as the place is so serene with lots of trees and plenty of contemporary amenities that you and your family can enjoy. This has two bedrooms and can be found in Seseh, a fishing village on the island. This is a suitable choice for a small family or two couples. It can also be chosen as a honeymoon haven because of its size. The garden is surely the first thing that will get your attention as you enter the property. Hundreds of different plant species can be found here so expect plenty of fresh air and great shade too to counter the heat. The swimming pool looks inviting too and is big enough for all the guests. There are beach chairs nearby, as well as a number of covered lounges where you can relax if you don’t feel like swimming. Everything is laidback but stylish at this villa, from its Javanese dining table to its Balinese style bedrooms. Even the bathrooms boast a touch of class and will make your bath time feel like a true spa experience. The open design of the villa complex allows guests to experience the island weather at its best. Both the warm sunshine and the cooling air can grace the living spaces and the combination will remind you that you are in a tropical paradise. Holiday villas in Bali often offer a number of spa treatments. You can expect the same at Villa Belong Dua. Whether it’s a massage or some foot rub you want, you can avail it here.

Villa Bali Bali Cottage

Bali-villa-holiday-packages One of the three villas collectively known as Villa Bali Bali, the Villa Bali Bali Cottage is a good choice for a Bali accommodation. Only ten minutes away from the Batubelig Beach, this is a cozy island home that is perfect for a small group or a family of 4. Only a few minutes away from the trendy part of Bali, which is Seminyak, this is the ideal Bali hideaway and will allow you to have quick access to some of the island’s best restaurants, boutiques, and bars. The Cottage is a modern home, made beautiful with plenty of plants and natural wooden accents. Here, you can enjoy a peaceful and secure setting and be awed by the services of the friendly team of staffs. Meals at the villa can be prepared by the cooks so you won’t need to lift a finger just to have something to eat. Everything from light snacks to indulgent comfort food can be prepared here. Of course, your meals will be more interesting if you get to sample some of the best Bali dishes. The villa also has a good menu of beverages, including wine. This is a petite cottage with two and a half bedrooms. Villa Bali Bali offers some of the best Bali villa holiday packages. To be able to rent the Cottage, you also have to rent either one of the other villas or both of them. The Cottage provides additional space and is a good wedding villa for couples who want to rent all the three villas together to fit their guests, but also want some privacy for themselves. The architecture of Villa Bali Bali is very unique as can be seen from its angular roof. Its shape is both intriguing and weird---but good weird. The Bali Bali estate is among the finest on the island and if you want an impressive home away from home or are looking for a suitable Bali family villas for your holiday, this is a good choice.