Top Bali Family Villas For Rent

Considered to be one of the most beautiful places on earth, Bali is certainly a must see destination for travelers who fancy the exotic. This is an island that is world famous for its breathtaking beaches, rich culture, and friendly people. Whether you are planning to be on the island to sight see, shop, or indulge the foodie in you, here you will surely have all the fun that you’d like to have. Check out these Bali family villas to make your stay even more fun and exciting.

Villa Arsana

Bali villas for families family villa in Bali family-villa-in-Bali-1 When it comes to the best Bali villas for families, the Arsana Estate is often mentioned. This is not  surprising as it is indeed a very impressive family villa in Bali. The complex is surrounded by lively greenery and is an exotic modern paradise in itself. Here, natural meets contemporary, resulting in one of the homiest villa rentals you will ever see on the island. The villa entrance leads to a beautiful island garden with tall trees, tropical bushes, and exotic flowers that give life to the surroundings. The garden instantly reminds one of a European courtyard with its choice of décor and outdoor furnishings. Somewhere outside is the river bale, where guests can take a nap or enjoy some reading while being shaded from the sun. As expected from a luxury accommodation, this has its own pool that can accommodate all the guests. Sun beds are nearby that serves as additional seats as well. Stretched over 2 hectares of land, this property is spacious and was designed for the whole family. It has 5 luxurious suites and at maximum, can accommodate up to 12 guests. Its size and layout also makes it a top choice for all kinds of events, most especially for a wedding. For a formal sit-down event, the villa can accommodate up to 60 guests. For a standing event, say a more casual cocktail it can take in about 80 guests. The amenities at the Arsana Estate will make you feel like you are at a 5 star hotel. This features state of the art entertainment systems, a fully equipped kitchen, and plenty of recreational facilities such as an internet access, a fuss ball table, and a trampoline.

Villa Asmara

family villa in Balifamily villa in Bali 1 Also among the popular family villas in Bali is Villa Asmara. This is a serene retreat that boasts a stunning garden and breathtaking views. This is a very private holiday home and allows guests to enjoy some peace and quiet. The fusion complex was designed to evoke a comfortable feeling of home. Located in Cemagi, this has 4 stylish air conditioned bedrooms with luxury en-suite baths. The staffs at Villa Asmara are friendly and are specially selected to bring guests an impressive kind of service that will make them feel pampered all throughout their stay. There is a chef onsite who can create amazing Asian favorites for you. Guests with kids can also request for a special menu of comfort foods. From most parts of the villa, guests will be rewarded with beautiful scenery that is all about tropical plants and vast fields. The ambience here is very quiet, making it a good haven for people who want to escape their stressful lifestyle. The concept of the villa is a fine mix of the traditional and the modern so there is an overall sense of harmony in the living spaces. The contemporary lines are smartly balanced with natural details like wood and local indoor plants. The bedrooms capture the exoticism and the richness of Balinese culture. Indigenous materials are used for the roof, the window accents, and of course for the floor. Antique style décor and furnishings are used for the rooms as well. The bathrooms are impressive, with their tiled floors and deep marble bath tubs for the most relaxing baths. This   makes sure that your every need is met. Toiletries and clean towels are always available. The poolside is spacious and here, there are nearby lounge chairs where you can relax in between swims.

Villa Adasa

family villa in Bali. Seminyak Villa Adasa is another option for those who are looking for a family villa in Bali. Seminyak is one of the trendiest spots in Bali and is the setting of Adasa. Located in a secure gated community, this could be your own personal haven while on the island. Because it is within Seminyak, this is a good place to stay for tourists who want to be at the center of all the happenings. The property is secluded but within easy access of some of the island’s places of interests. There are spas nearby, some restaurants, and some of the famous bars. In addition, the beach is very close---about 200 meters away. With three bedrooms, it is ideal for a group of 6. Adasa is often the choice of families and friends who need a spacious but still an intimate place to stay. This has its own swimming pool where you can gather with the guests under the hot tropical sun. There’s also a Wi-Fi connection on site for easy browsing. Modern entertainment facilities are at the villa. There’s a TV, a DVD player, and a top notch sound system for your music needs. Family villas Bali has to offer often have staffs to ensure that everything runs smoothly during your stay. At Villa Adasa, the people are well trained and are so accommodating. Onsite, you can also avail of spa treatments---anything from manicures to invigorating facials and foot rubs. Massages can also be enjoyed at Villa Adasa. As for your meals, the villa’s in-house chef will be more than happy to create stunning dishes for you. Villa Adasa also boasts a number of cozy lounge areas that you and your family can use while on a holiday. These living spaces were all designed to be airy and comfortable, with really great views of the pool and the garden. All these top Bali family villas for rent are known for their beautiful settings and very good service. Enjoy your Bali stay.